Interfacial Engineering

Lecture 1 - General Introduction Definitions

Lecture 2 - General Introduction, Definitions, Surface Tension

Lecture 3 - Surface Tension Free Energies and Adsorption

Lecture 4 - Properties over Curved Surfaces

Lecture 5 - Total Surface Energy

Lecture 6 - Interfacial Tension Entropy, Cohesion, Adhesion

Lecture 7 - Cohesion, Adhesion and Spreading

Lecture 8 - Spreading from Liquids and Solids

Lecture 9 - Spreading, Interfacial Tensions, Surface Tensions

Lecture 10 - Spreading, Contact Angles Free Energies

Lecture 11 - Spreading/Contact Angles Rough Surfaces, Free Energies

Lecture 12 - Spreading/Contact Angles Work of Adhesion, De-wetting

Lecture 13 - Work of Adhesion, Surface and Interfacial Tensions

Lecture 14 - Surface and Interfacial Tensions: Drop Weight and Wilhelmy Plate Methods

Lecture 15 - Surface and Interfacial Tensions: Wilhelmy Plate, Pendant Drop and Maximum Bubble Pressure Methods

Lecture 16 - Wetting Balance Method Spreading Coefficient Work of Adhesion Sessile Drop Method, Positive S

Lecture 17 - Indirect and Direct Methods for Positive S, Adhesion Energies Interfacial Potentials

Lecture 18 - Surface and Interfacial Potentials Distribution and Contact Potentials

Lecture 19 - Diffusion Potential Surface and Interfacial Potentials Components of Contact Potential

Lecture 20 - Electrically Charged Monolayers Gouy Theory

Lecture 21 - Equations of State, Cohesion Repulsion, Limiting Area

Lecture 22 - Condensed and Liquid Expanded Monolayers Phase Transformations

Lecture 23 - Films of Polymers Molecular Weight, Surface Viscosity Drag, Canal Method

Lecture 24 - Canal Method Joly's Semi-Empirical Correction Rotational Torsional Surface Viscometer Compressional Moduli

Lecture 25 - Magnitudes of Surface Compressional Moduli Surface Waves and Ripples

Lecture 26 - Surface waves and Ripples, Velocity Effect of Surface Tension and Surface Compressional Modulus Rates of adsorption and absorption Damping

Lecture 27 - Surface waves and ripples,velocity effect of surface tension and surface compressional modulus damping for clean and contaminated,surfaces,fiber from monolayers

Lecture 28 - Shear Elastic Moduli,Yield Stress Fibres from MLs, Surface Reactions

Lecture 29 - Surface Reactions, Comparison with Bulk-Phase Reactions Steric Factors, Inhibition

Lecture 30 - Hydrolyses of Esters by Alkali Acid or Enzyme Photochemical Reactions in Monolayers Polymerization in MLs, Lactonization

Lecture 31 - Catalytic Effects Reactions in Emulsions Complex Formation

Lecture 32 - Complex Formation Penetration into Monolayers Thermodynamics of Penetration Adsorption from Vapour Phase Mass Transfer

Lecture 33 - Introductory Concepts Resistances and their Magnitudes Evaporation and its Retardation

Lecture 34 - Evaporation and its Retardation Resistances and their Analysis Diffusional Resistance in Gas Phase

Lecture 35 - Resistances in Liquid Phase and Interface and Their Importance Some Effects and Applications, Theory

Lecture 36 - Surface Instability Theories of Mass Transfer Experiments on static and Dynamic Systems

Lecture 37 - Colloida, Aerosols, Emulsions Foams, Coagulation Smoluchowski's Theory