NOC:Transport Phenomena of Non-Newtonian Fluids

Lecture 1 - Introduction and Basic Concepts

Lecture 2 - Classification of Non-Newtonian Fluids

Lecture 3 - Mathematical Models for Non-Newtonian Fluids

Lecture 4 - Capillary Viscometers

Lecture 5 - Capillary Viscometers: Sources of Errors and Correction Methods

Lecture 6 - Rotational Viscometers

Lecture 7 - Equations of Change for Isothermal Systems

Lecture 8 - Equation of Change for Non-Isothermal Systems

Lecture 9 - Time Independent Non-Newtonian Fluids Flow Through Pipes - 1

Lecture 10 - Time Independent Non-Newtonian Fluids Flow Through Pipes – 2

Lecture 11 - Transition from Laminar to Turbulent Flow in Pipes for GNF

Lecture 12 - Power-law and Bingham Plastic Fluids Flow Between Two Infinite Parallel Plates

Lecture 13 - Flow of Ellis Model and Bingham Plastic Fluids along Inclined and Vertical Plates

Lecture 14 - Power-law Fluids Flow in Concentric Annulus

Lecture 15 - Flow of Non-Newtonian Fluids through Beds of Particles

Lecture 16 - Dispersion in Beds of Particles: Effect of Non-Newtonian Rheology

Lecture 17 - Liquid-Solid Fluidization by Power-law Liquids

Lecture 18 - Free Convection between Two Vertical Plates

Lecture 19 - Viscous Heat Generation in Coaxial Cylinders

Lecture 20 - (a) Viscous Heating in Slit Flow with Constant Wall Flux Boundary Condition (b) Temperature Distribution of Fully Developed Newtonian Flow in Tubes

Lecture 21 - Temperature Distribution in Fluids Confined Between Two Cylinders

Lecture 22 - Heat Conduction from Sphere Without and With Reaction; and in Spherical Shell

Lecture 23 - Transpiration Cooling

Lecture 24 - Fick's Law of Diffusion and Mass Transfer Related Concepts

Lecture 25 - Diffusion through A Stagnant Gas Film; Diffusion into A Falling Liquid Film

Lecture 26 - Diffusion through A Non-Isothermal Spherical Film

Lecture 27 - Simultaneous Heat and Mass Transfer with Multicomponent Diffusion

Lecture 28 - Diffusion Combined with Heterogeneous and Homogeneous Chemical Reactions

Lecture 29 - Combustion of a Carbon Particle

Lecture 30 - Evaporation of Column of Liquid; Melting of Spherical Crystal

Lecture 31 - Freezing of Salt Water; Effect of Mass Transfer on Heat Transfer Coefficient

Lecture 32 - Evaporation of a Water Droplet

Lecture 33 - Boundary Layer Flows and Derivation of Integral Momentum and Energy Equations

Lecture 34 - Momentum Boundary Layer Thickness for Flow of Power-law Liquids

Lecture 35 - Thermal Boundary Layer Thickness for Flow of Power-law Liquids