NOC:Calculus for Economics, Commerce and Management

Lecture 1 - Introduction to the Course

Lecture 2 - Concept of a Set, Ways of Representing Sets

Lecture 3 - Venn Diagrams, Operations on Sets

Lecture 4 - Operations on Sets, Cardinal Number, Real Numbers

Lecture 5 - Real Numbers, Sequences

Lecture 6 - Sequences, Convergent Sequences, Bounded Sequences

Lecture 7 - Limit Theorems, Sandwich Theorem, Monotone Sequences, Completeness of Real Numbers

Lecture 8 - Relations and Functions

Lecture 9 - Functions, Graph of a Functions, Function Formulas

Lecture 10 - Function Formulas, Linear Models

Lecture 11 - Linear Models, Elasticity, Linear Functions, Nonlinear Models, Quadratic Functions

Lecture 12 - Quadratic Functions, Quadratic Models, Power Function, Exponential Function

Lecture 13 - Exponential Function, Exponential Models, Logarithmic Function

Lecture 14 - Limit of a Function at a Point, Continuous Functions

Lecture 15 - Limit of a Function at a Point

Lecture 16 - Limit of a Function at a Point, Left and Right Limits

Lecture 17 - Computing Limits, Continuous Functions

Lecture 18 - Applications of Continuous Functions

Lecture 19 - Applications of Continuous Functions, Marginal of a Function

Lecture 20 - Rate of Change, Differentiation

Lecture 21 - Rules of Differentiation

Lecture 22 - Derivatives of Some Functions, Marginal, Elasticity

Lecture 23 - Elasticity, Increasing and Decreasing Functions, Optimization, Mean Value Theorem

Lecture 24 - Mean Value Theorem, Marginal Analysis, Local Maxima and Minima

Lecture 25 - Local Maxima and Minima

Lecture 26 - Local Maxima and Minima, Continuity Test, First Derivative Test, Successive Differentiation

Lecture 27 - Successive Differentiation, Second Derivative Test

Lecture 28 - Average and Marginal Product, Marginal of Revenue and Cost, Absolute Maximum and Minimum

Lecture 29 - Absolute Maximum and Minimum

Lecture 30 - Monopoly Market, Revenue and Elasticity

Lecture 31 - Property of Marginals, Monopoly Market, Publisher v/s Author Problem

Lecture 32 - Convex and Concave Functions

Lecture 33 - Derivative Tests for Convexity, Concavity and Points of Inflection, Higher Order Derivative Conditions

Lecture 34 - Convex and Concave Functions, Asymptotes

Lecture 35 - Asymptotes, Curve Sketching

Lecture 36 - Functions of Two Variables, Visualizing Graph, Level Curves, Contour Lines

Lecture 37 - Partial Derivatives and Application to Marginal Analysis

Lecture 38 - Marginals in Cobb-Douglas model, partial derivatives and elasticity, chain rules

Lecture 39 - Chain Rules, Higher Order Partial Derivatives, Local Maxima and Minima, Critical Points

Lecture 40 - Saddle Points, Derivative Tests, Absolute Maxima and Minima

Lecture 41 - Some Examples, Constrained Maxima and Minima