NOC:Engineering Economic Analysis

Lecture 1 - Introduction to Engineering Economy, Physical and Economic Environment, Phases in Engg. process

Lecture 2 - Some economic concepts, Value and utility, Interest and Interest rate, Time value of money

Lecture 3 - Interest formulas: Simple and compound interest, Cash flow diagrams

Lecture 4 - Interest formulas for discrete compounding and discrete payments: Single payment (CAF and PWF)

Lecture 5 - Interest formulas for discrete compounding and discrete payments: Equal payment series (CAF, CRF and PWF)

Lecture 6 - Problem solving on discrete compounding, discrete payment

Lecture 7 - Interest formulas for Uniform gradient series

Lecture 8 - Interest formulas for geometric gradient series

Lecture 9 - Compounding frequency of Interest: Nominal and Effective interest rates

Lecture 10 - Problem solving on frequency compounding of interest and gradient series factors

Lecture 11 - Economic equivalence: Meaning and principles of equivalence

Lecture 12 - Equivalence calculations involving cash flows

Lecture 13 - Methods of comparison of alternatives: Present worth, Annual equivalent, Future worth, Internal rate of return

Lecture 14 - comparison of alternatives: Capitalized equivalent amount, Capital recovery with return

Lecture 15 - Problem solving on equivalence and comparison of alternatives

Lecture 16 - Replacement analysis: Reason, Concept of defender and challenger

Lecture 17 - Proper treatment of sunk cost in replacement

Lecture 18 - Replacement because of improved efficiency, inadequacy, demand etc.

Lecture 19 - Problem solving on replacement analysis

Lecture 20 - Economic life of the asset

Lecture 21 - Depreciation: Definition, Reasons, Types of property, Value time function and book value

Lecture 22 - Basic depreciation methods:S-L method, Declining balance method

Lecture 23 - Depreciation: Declining balance switching to S-L, SOYD Method

Lecture 24 - Modified accelerated cost recovery system (MACRS) method of depreciation, Depletion

Lecture 25 - Depreciation: Units of production method, Depletion

Lecture 26 - Problem solving based on Depreciation and Depletion

Lecture 27 - Elements of cost: types of cost

Lecture 28 - Breakeven analysis, Effect of fixed and variable cost on BEP.

Lecture 29 - Economic order quantity

Lecture 30 - Problem solving based on Breakeven analysis and EOQ

Lecture 31 - Cost estimation: Methods of cost estimation, Adjustment of data, Learning

Lecture 32 - cost estimating relationships

Lecture 33 - Introduction to decision under risk Criteria for decision under risk

Lecture 34 - Expected value decision making under risk

Lecture 35 - Expected variance decision making under risk

Lecture 36 - Problem solving based on decision under risk

Lecture 37 - Income taxes: Principles and calculation of effective income tax rates

Lecture 38 - Effect of method of depreciation on income taxes

Lecture 39 - After tax economic analysis

Lecture 40 - Problem solving based on Income tax analysis